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Harmon bug?

Not a Bug 61 150822 61 150822

I'm new to the use of harmony plugins.
They seem pretty straight forward.
Drop them into the folder they're made for.
Start the server.

But when I load Core.Deployables the server gets stuck in a crash loop.
This happens on it's own and with all the included plugins.
I have pulled all oxide plugins to make sure it's not a conflict.
I did remove the rustedit.dll as well.
So I don't really know what's going on.

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Hi, best contacting me on Discord, I'm about to move house so my responses may be slow. Anyway, make sure your server is clean, set back to factory defaults before you start. Seen this before and its usually to do with the deployables conflicting with a remnant of the rustedit.dll - Not discounting that a bug could have sneaked in but with the house move i cannot test fully at this time.

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I did see that you were moving and i actually wasn't expecting an answer this soon.
But I'll contact you on discord with any further questions.

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