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Lights don't turn on

Closed 1.1.0

To turn the lights, on sit in the vehicle and press the button once, the button can then be used to turn the lights off again. If this does not work I would suggest unloading the plugin, deleting the json file in the oxide data folder and then reloading the plugin.


note that when using one of the modular vehicles only the driver can turn on/off the lights.

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2 hours ago, TwoShoes said:

Just a quick question what is "the button"  that's what I'm asking. That's like trying to find the anykey on my keyboard 

There should be an electrical button spawned in the vehicle, roughly where the center console is, press E on it to turn the lights on and then press E on it again to turn them off, I would show you but I updated and so I must wait for the new oxide version to come out, I will send a screencap when I can.

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