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Hello I just get this 

[PlayerRanks] Authentication method 'caching_sha2_password' not supported by any of the available plugins.

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I just solved this for my situation. Because I upgraded my linux mint 19.3 to 20, it also upgrades my mysql 5.7 to 8.xx, thus changing the default authentication method to  'caching_sha2_password' from  'mysql_native_password'. 


To fix this I added the line under the [mysqld] section of mysqld.cnf :


IDK what it is for windows machines but I believe adding it to the my.cnf also works for both. 

Basically it's whatever file it runs that has the [mysqld] section.

So the higher security databases can still use the newer  'caching_sha2_password' method while lower security like ranks data stuff can still login.


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