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Bots chasing players

Pending 2.1.1

Bots are chasing my players well beyond the deaggro range I have set of 50 meters. One bot chased a player home 2 grids away from their monument. What can I do to fix this (or potentially encourage it)?

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There is an open issue where Murderers wont deaggro.
If you need a quick-fix, scientists don't seem to have the same problem.

It's fixed in the next update, which should come before forced wipe.

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If you remain within their aggro range then they will continue to follow you as far as you run,
but the issue with murderers right now is that they'll continue to follow you regardless.

Also, if you shoot at BotSpawn npcs from a distance then aggro/deaggro range is temporarily ignored.

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A player rode their horse home from looting water treatment 2 grids away. A minute later a bot showed up and began shooting at them. I was nearby building a bridge over a river for grins when the bot aggro'd on me when it encountered the player's external stone walls. 

My biome wandering bots have a different outfit, and water was the nearest monument. :shrug:

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Makes me think....
5 nakeds with DBs and a agro range that spans the entire biome = Doorcamping bots..... right XD?

I pity the oak that wanted to play alone for a while....

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