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  1. Okay, will try out other weapons. Thanks
  2. Tunnel Dwellers does not seem to shoot far / properly when given kits via NPCkits. They only shoot when you are in point blank range. The same kits work with surface bots, I.E. Junkpile Scientists.
  3. JustMe


    Also would attachments on weapons affect dmg/accuracy etc?
  4. JustMe


    Is this where I can post suggestions? I noticed bots have infinite ammo, but they always shoot basic projectiles? Can we somehow influence what ammo type they shoot with? I tried reloading the weapons (eoka) with the ammo type I chose (Slug) before making the kit, it didnt seem to work.
  5. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    Okay thank you. The error below doesn't bother me much, I thought my NPCs was unable to shoot due to the error: Failed to run a 1.00 timer in 'BotSpawn v2.1.1' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at BaseProjectile.ServerUse (System.Single damageModifier, UnityEngine.Transform originOverride) [0x0010a] in <44a96a5248004081b4f4e638e681026d>: at NPCPlayer.ShotTest () [0x000e7] in <44a96a5248004081b4f4e638e681026d>:0 at NPCPlayerApex.ShotTest () [0x00000] in <44a96a5248004081b4f4e638e681026d>:0 at NPCPlayerApex.Sta
  6. JustMe

    Bots chasing players

    Makes me think.... 5 nakeds with DBs and a agro range that spans the entire biome = Doorcamping bots..... right XD? I pity the oak that wanted to play alone for a while....
  7. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    Got it. I configured my server to have "more responsive" AI. I removed all the server variables and now the oaks are actually shooting. Something in here was causing the issue: +ai.npc_door_trigger_size 2 +ai.npc_gun_noise_silencer_modifier 0.25 +ai.npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance 0.2 +ai.npc_junkpile_dist_aggro_gate 15 +ai.npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance 0.2 +ai.npc_max_junkpile_count 60 +ai.npc_max_roam_multiplier 4 +ai.npc_patrol_point_cooldown 7 +ai.npc_respawn_delay_max_military_tunnels 1800 +ai.npc_respawn_delay_min_military_tunnels 1500 +ai.npc_sensory_system_tick_rate_multiplier 4 +ai.n
  8. Oooooooh. Thanks a million! How do I mark this as solved?
  9. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    Okay I see. I gave a bot a pistol and another a tommy. But it seems like they only attack when I am in point blank range. Also Tommy guys dont spray. Just Taps. Their agro range is good, but then they just stand there staring... They shoot at "other profiles" quite well. Just seems to not want to shoot at me. Best thing is that they always try to keep some distance. so it's always a mexican stand off. Note: Peace keeper and murderer is both set to false. I also noticed the following error. Could this be the issue? Failed to run a 1.00 timer in 'BotSpawn v2.1.1' (Null
  10. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    Nailgun attack range is very short.... Do i have something mis-configured?
  11. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    Same issue with crossbows. The guys just keep reloading.
  12. JustMe

    [Bots with bows] Not shooting

    I'd like to add a few oaks with bows. but they don't seem to shoot?
  13. I created a few roaming bots in a biome and gave them roaming kit and loot via a kit. However now I have primitive oaks with bows dropping the loot from the kit and default NPC loot like SPAS shotguns and buckshots etc... Is there a setting to prevent default loot from being added to an NPCs body? Or a method to setup a custom loot table for their bodies?

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