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Bots Insta dying and overloading server

Pending 2.1.1

Hello, I've set up spawns and everything, give them kits and such.

Around 30 minutes into the server start. The the plugin just starts spawning bots around monuments an auto killing them

This is all I see in my RCON. Other one is what it looks like when I go to a monument.




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I haven't seen that happen before.
BotSpawn will continually spawn npcs until your specified amount is met. If anything were to kill them, BotSpawn would replace them,
so that makes me think something on your server is killing these npcs off.

I'd recommend doing -   oxide.unload *   - then reloading BotSpawn and watching to see if it still happens.
If not, some plugin is killing npcs.


+1 - Attach your config + currently used data files if that doesn't work.

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Yeah I've tried that, still nothing, they get insta killed. I've attached files as requested.

EDIT: I've loaded BotSpawn by it self, seems like there server hasn't started killing them yet, I'll keep adding the plugins one by one until they do. Please still look the the files just in case I've messed something up.

BotSpawn.json default-CustomProfiles.json default-DefaultProfiles.json

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Yeah, it looks like NightZombies runs a routine to just kill any and all NPCs on the map.
BotSpawn, by design, respawns its npcs aftey they've been killed so that's the answer.

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Ah right, I've been on another server and they run them both with no issues? Is there a setting in either that I can Enabled or disable?

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Honestly, I'm not really sure - but the plugin is definitely killing off all npcs, regardless of where they come from.
It would create problems with any other npc spawning plugins you have - BotSpawn, RaidableBases, ZombieHordes...It'll kill them all.


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