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  1. Ryuri7722

    Thank you/Global Message

    Seems like it fixed itself after some server restarts :')
  2. Ryuri7722


    Same reason why the PvP Indicator Plugins still tells you PvP is on even if you're in a PvE Zone with that setup. I mean there are so many ways to work around this problem its just much more complicated than having child zones ignore the rules of the parentzone. Anyways, thank you so much for answering so fast!
  3. Ryuri7722


    It is but they only take over flags not rules and that is the problem I think. Edit: Or more like, they don't take over the flags but always take over the rules. Whiches means when the larger zone has a pvp rule the smaller zone will have it too and I can't disable that.
  4. Ryuri7722


    Thank you so much! (✿◠‿◠)
  5. Ryuri7722


    Is it a known bug that turrets don't attack bots? I unloaded all plugins except BotSpawn and my turrets don't care about them doesnt matter if they are set to "attack all" or "peacekeeper". Thought it might be because of TruePVE but like I said, I unloaded everything. #Edit - Just ignore my stupidness. Using Botspawn for a decent time now never read the config. #Edit2 - Is there any way to spawn bots inside a selfmade building? Console always says: too far away from navmesh or something like that.
  6. Ryuri7722


    Alright I try to explain it: 1. On my Server PvP is disabled 2. I created a Zone where PvP is enabled 3. Inside this Zone is another Zone (with the parentid of the larger zone) where I want to disable PvP again. This works when I use the pvpgod flag on the smaller zone but I dont want to use it because dynamicpvp delay doesnt work then.. thought it could be possible with all the flags, rules etc. "The plugin will still register the player as being inside both zones, but all the flags from the parent zone (the larger outer zone) will be disabled for that player when they enter the child zone (the smaller zone inside the outer zone)." ^ this is the problem ( I think? )
  7. Ryuri7722


    Hey, I usually test as much as I can before I get on some developer's nerves, but I'm really lost with my current problem. I wanted to create a PVE zone inside a PVP zone without using the PVPGod flag because otherwise it doesn't work with the PvP Delay of DynamicPVP. Is that even possible? Did I overlooked something? Please help ;~;
  8. Ryuri7722

    Thank you/Global Message

    I'm going to test a few things and report back
  9. Ryuri7722

    Thank you/Global Message

    Alright, my bad. Looks like the message do work if they vote on both sites and then /claim. But still, do I have to worry about the console output?
  10. Ryuri7722

    Thank you/Global Message

    Hi, it seems like people dont receive the "thank you" message & the plugin won't show in the global chat that somebody voted. EasyVote config: "Settings": { "Enable logging => oxide/logs/EasyVote (true / false)": "true", "Globally announcment in chat when player voted (true / false)": "true", "Prefix": "<color=#00fff7>[EasyVote]</color>", "Send thank you message to player who voted (true / false)": "true", "Vote rewards cumulative (true / false)": "false" Console: Web request callback raised an exception (IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.) at Oxide.Plugins.EasyVote.GaveRewards (BasePlayer player, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] rewardValue) [0x0002a] in :0 at Oxide.Plugins.EasyVote.RewardHandler (BasePlayer player, System.String serverName) [0x00230] in :0 at Oxide.Plugins.EasyVote.ClaimReward (System.Int32 code, System.String response, BasePlayer player, System.String url, System.String serverName) [0x0012e] in :0 at Oxide.Plugins.EasyVote+c__AnonStorey3.<>m__0 (System.Int32 code, System.String response) [0x0002e] in :0 at Oxide.Core.Libraries.WebRequests+WebRequest.b__42_0 () [0x00034] in :0 Is there anything else I have to configure? Or is it because of betterchat maybe?
    Very simple and clean looking Info UI, love it!
  11. wow, looks painful for the server ~ would be helpful if you show him your configs :d
  12. Yea they are running away like huuuuuuge distances. Thank you alot, awesome support !
  13. Wow, that was a quick answer! Well, guess my spooky guy just going to roam the map and murder everyone when someone is trying to cheese him :')
  14. Hi, I made a spooky murderer bot in a swamp but as soon as I climb on a tree or anything else he cant reach he will run away a looooooong distance (probably across the whole map with some time). "Radius": 40, "Roam_Range": 10, "Aggro_Range": 60, "DeAggro_Range": 100,

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