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Bot leavs his spawn/"roam-range"

Pending 2.1.1



I made a spooky murderer bot in a swamp but as soon as I climb on a tree or anything else he cant reach he will run away a looooooong distance (probably across the whole map with some time).

 "Radius": 40,
  "Roam_Range": 10,
   "Aggro_Range": 60,
   "DeAggro_Range": 100,

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Hi, yeah that was about the best I could do for melee murderers.
Their vanilla AI would have them just run up to you, on your safe high ground, and swing their weapon...missing over and over.
The run-away mechanism is just so you can't jump on a crate and safety shoot them.

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Wow, that was a quick answer! 

Well, guess my spooky guy just going to roam the map and murder everyone when someone is trying to cheese him :')

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