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After server restarts, ranks get reset!

Closed 2.1.3 2.1.4

For example, whenever the server restarts, the person who had Killer, still has it on the leaderboard. But whoever killed players after the restart will obtain that title in the chat. Anyway to stop that, or does it just do it for online only?

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Can you clarify the problem?
Titles show in chat and in the UI all come from the same source and it's updated on plugin reload, as well as when stats change due to player activity.
As far as I can see they should always be in sync.

It's possible I've missed something, of course, but if you can clarify the issue a little I'll check into it.


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Ah, ok. That shouldn't be possible so clearly I've overlooked something.
I'll get it sorted.

Can you confirm you're on the most recent version of PlayerRanks? - V2.1.3

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It does not sadly, sometimes reloading the plugin breaks the tags completely. I then reload betterchat, same with playerranks. And still the same incorrect tags.

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Yes, after reloading PlayerRanks there is no tags.
I'm going to have to hit the hay, but as soon as I wake up. I can provide more testing.

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