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how to change title colour?

Pending 2.1.3

You want to go into your config file and change each title manually. You need to add <color=#e8b923>TitleName</color> around the title and between the quotation marks. You can change #e8b923 to change the colour (My colour is gold). Will post some of my config below as an example. I would recommend that you save the changes you make to the title section of the config in a text document or something as I lost the changes I made to mine and had to redo them all upon server reboot. Have fun! 

    "Deaths": {
      "CollectStats": true,
      "EnabledInPersonal": true,
      "EnabledInTop1": true,
      "EnabledInTop30": true,
      "IncludeInChatBroadcast": true,
      "Title": "<color=#e8b923>DeathAddict</color>",
      "BroadcastTitleChanges": true

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Thanks for replying, Vasorax.
If you want all titles to be the same colour you can also add <color=#e8b923> as Title start, and </color> as title end.

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Well I learned something new today, so thank you! Will make life a lot easier going forward. Keep up the great work with the mod! 

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