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Pending 2.1.1


My users are experiencing a constant resetting of permissions granted to groups created by PlayerRanks associated w/ the titles. it almost seems as if the groups are deleted and then recreated, thus removing the previous permission granted.  All the titles and groups match exactly.  Any ideas of how to fix?


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PlayerRanks adds users to the relevant group when they gain a title and removes them from it when they lose that title.
It also removes all of its groups when it's unloaded, so no mess is left.

When you reload the plugin all the titles are worked out again and people are put back in their groups.


Does that cover what you're asking, or are players losing entitlements while they actually hold a title?


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Thanks or the quick reply Steen!  Your described is what I would expect.   But the plugin's groups are losing the permissions that I assign to them within about 20min after assignment, even when the individual player maintains that title and group.

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Yes, the group is somehow losing the permissions. the player(s) are staying in the group.

UPDATE: confirmed it seems to be removing the permissions from the group every time I (the only admin) log off. I am also using your perms manager if that is significant.

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Ok, thank you.

Yeah, I think that's just my mistake. I'll get it sorted next time I'm looking at PlayerRanks.
Thanks for the report.

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