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Exclude plugins

Pending 1.0.6

Do I enter the plugin name in the brackets at the end of the config that i want to exclude from the check list, It keeps telling me that there is an update to "friends" plugin (which is not on this site) and RulesGUI which i dont see the necessity of updating as i have no problems with it (since original installation in 2015)

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thanks for that, would that have to be "Friends",

                                                                 "RulesGUI"      without the comma or just normal text ?

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That's right - The name as it appears in the .cs file.

The formatting is a string array, like BotSpawn Kits, so quotation marks around each and commas between if there's multiple.



["Several", "Different", "Plugins"]


You'd want ["Friends", "RulesGUI"] as far as I know.

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