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Speed of Drop

Not a Bug 1.1.0

Airdrop Drop Speed is insanely fast, like shoots to the ground like a bullet. How do I adjust the Airdrop Drop Speed? At the moment this plugin is unusable until this is addressed.

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I use a plugin called Vehicle Airdrops, but the speed is fine without the lights plugin. Could you make your plugin compatible with VehicleAirdrops plugin as it is a main part of my server.

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Can you add some code to your plugin, I'm trying to work with the Dev of VehicleAirdrops to make your plugin compatible with it.

EquipAirdrop(SupplyDrop drop)
//do whatever you do to parent a flasher, check permissions etc, so I can call this through Interface.CallHook

add a hook to manually equip an airdrop with a light?
then my plugin can just call that hook
it has to be of type private, so I can call it through Interface

Maybe add an option to NOT call the hook OnEntitySpawned(SupplyDrop drop)
basically, an option to unsubscribe from that hook, in the config
since you can't really have two plugins calling this hook at the same time, so it would only get called through VA, and then VA hook would call the newly added EquipAirdrop hook

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So, basically, I need to create a hook that equip the airdrop so VA can call it and I have to add an option to unsubscribe of the OnEntitySpawned.

That's really weird because many plugins use the same uMod hook. I think that it is VA that isn't compatible with many other plugins because mine only add a child entity to the supply drop if the spawned entity is a supply_drop, else I return the default behavior.

I'll work on it asap 🙂

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