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Botrespawn Issues v.1

No Response 1.0.6

Just a few bugs am experiencing sir.

RE: New BotReSpawn v1.0.6

First of all, long time follower/user of BotSpawn..

#1. All Monument spawns seem normal at monuments and the kits are working ok -but NOT seeing many Murderer bots roaming like Artic,Tundra etc  3500 size - only 0 or 1 per acre when i have set to 25 day and 35 night yet the streets are clean for miles. used to be murderers attacking. was great before.  i do see them here and there with the right kit set up but not as many as i would like to see more. I don't wanna blow it up and put 50 let me know a work around for this. i would like to see groups too. but i'm getting rare results and many console messages for invalid position on scientist. dunno. > I  do see a message on console that reads "enforcing population limits" but other than that it's running normal.

#2. If i equip a bot with a nail gun is just as bad as an m249.  This weapon is more OP than Mp5 and Custom and kill quick with a few nails. This is ridiculously so OP on this part don't know maybe i'll change weapon here if can't get it to work ok. This is the only weapon that actually hits with a madness!!

#4. ACCURACY or HORRIBLE SHOTS? from a distance it's like their accuracy worsens.  I've put at 100% accuracy and still NPC's are finding it hard to aim, except facepunch scientists those are ok, just talking about the monument and roaming BotRespawns, i'm even standing still some roaming npcs' run around and can't get a shot in.  so this is the first thing i noticed wrong with this new version update. If the shots were correct the damage could reflect well right now it's a mess. 

#3. if equipping an npc with a Custom smg they only burst 1 shot at a time and not spray or have different sprays just like the other weapons do. is there a fix for this?

#4. I've set spawn on air drop location on true and set kits and set 2-3 bots and no bots are spawning on any air drops.

In conclusion, the plug works very good and bots do spawn; I was able to set up kits and used GUI to set up bots quick n easy (a little issue with game and typing) but thanks for this amazing plug and hope all these issues get resolved on another release.

Ps i did see this error on console once. don't really pay attention to it but here it is.

That's all for now.





NL server issue.png

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Thanks for all the info.

I can rule out your console error screenshot straight away. It's inconsequential and you can safely ignore it until V1.0.7.


Biome Population.
Can you use the bots.count console command to confirm that the full compliment has spawned, and let me know, please?
Spawning the biome npcs may take some time so best to do it after the server has been running for a little while.

"invalid position on scientist. dunno." "enforcing population limits"
I don't think either of these is related to BotRepSpawn, but better to mention just incase. Thanks.


Are your supply drops user called, with the grenade? If so, please ensure that Supply_Enabled is true in the configuration.
if that's not the issue, can you check to ensure that these airdrops are falling in areas that can support npcs, with navmesh,
and that the profile radius is high enough so there's a good chance of finding suitable spawnpoints?


Weapon stuff.
Their whole weapon usage has been rewritten, or customised, for V1.0.7 so a lot will change.
Nailguns were never supported before (mostly for the reason you cited) so that should be sorted.
Accuracy over long distances...I need to check on that to confirm but I think, at present, (V1.0.7...not yet release) they should have full accuracy regardless of range.
Ideally I'd have some kind of accuracy reduction over distance but, most likely, user configurable.

I wasn't aware of the custom smg issue but, again, most likely it's already fixed.

DMing you now to talk some more.



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Just to follow up.
I can confirm that nailgun is no longer OP, nor is M249. Actually, no weapons should be OP now,
although I've introduced two new options allowing users to make melee or longrange weapons OP, as some servers rely on that.

The custom smg firing rate issue was also present in V1.0.7 over here. I've since fixed that.

I can also confirm that in V1.0.7 their accuracy is not impeded over distance at all.
As I said before, I'd proabably want to introduce a user option to allow some amount of accuracy loss over distance but, right now, they're hardcore.

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Update on issues> v.1

1. biome spawns - not many - I raised the level now to 80 OP!! and now am seeing one here n there. I also changed to chute True and i can see them falling down and they land on all areas good.  So that improved the issue a bit.  I would say raising the level solved this issue .

2. Nail gun, SMG and M249 OP Issue - Fix coming for v.1.0.7! 🙂 Glad you noticed this! I know it was a rust issue but a good fix to reduce is great!

3. Accuracy - Hope it's fixed in v1.0.7 🙂  Glad u figured out something there , otherwise it's useless, all bots can be shot from a distance (too easy). i want challenge lol.  But yeah good fix.

4. Custom SMG - Firing rate issue / 1 burst. - Great if u found a fix for this, was getting a little annoying, as as those single bursts caused major OP damage.

5. Air Drops - I didn't realize the Global config setting still said false, so i updated to true , now trying and... SOLVED!


--- New issue but maybe solved.  Another thing i noticed , on botspawn version, when u attacked a grouped monument scientist, the rest would become alerted.  and all try and gang bang attack you at the same time and this my friend was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! i enjoyed them all trying diffrent angles, but now 😞 sadly , i attack an npc in front of another and the others dont' react for anything, no response on group attacking is observed. they all seem to mind their business until attacked.. Let me know as this was pretty cool before.


Thanks for your hard work on this! i know it's tough coding...

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No trouble. Thanks for sharing your observations.
I think everything's sorted.

You're quite right - When you attack an npc he'll respond but nearby npcs do not.
This is something else I'll be correcting soon. Perhaps not in V1.0.7, but maybe.

Using the new factions identifier I was actually hoping to get assists from npcs from other monuments, not just the ones very close to you.
If, for example, there was a sniper npc within a few hundred meters of a fight between you and some other npc of the same faction, I'd like that sniper to weigh in.

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Just having trouble with NPC's with Eoka's and Waterpipes > also NPC's are perfect shots even when i'm moving around to avoid shots still getting headshots from any distance. > See vid


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