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Cannot get CustomLoot to work

No Response 1.0.6


I am trying to configure my custom bots to have custom loot but it doesn't seem to work.

My custom loot settings.

 "GlobalSettings": {
    "allowDuplicates": false,
    "corpseTypePerBotReSpawnProfile": true,
    "Include_DM_Crates": false,
    "Show_Skins_For_All_Items": false



    "BotReSpawn-zombie": {
      "enabled": true,
      "lootTable": "zombie",
      "maxItems": 2,
      "minItems": 2,
      "gunsWithAmmo": false,
      "noGuns": true,
      "MaxBps": 0,
      "WaterPreFillPercent": 20,
      "ClearContainerFirst": true


Now in the custom loot file zombie.json, I want zombies only to drop components

    "Component": {
      "probability": 10,
      "allowBlueprints": true

And some components are like this


      "rope": {
        "probability": 10,
        "minStack": 1,
        "maxStack": 1
      "semibody": {
        "probability": 10,
        "minStack": 1,
        "maxStack": 1
      "sewingkit": {
        "probability": 10,
        "minStack": 1,
        "maxStack": 1,
        "blueprintChancePercent": 0
      "sheetmetal": {
        "probability": 10,
        "minStack": 1,
        "maxStack": 1
      "smgbody": {
        "probability": 3,
        "minStack": 1,
        "maxStack": 1


Then, default-CustomProfiles.json


      "Death": {
        "Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate_Percent": 0,
        "Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile": "zombie",
        "Death_Crate_LockDuration": 10,
        "Corpse_Duration": 1,
        "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 0,
        "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50,
        "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,
        "Wipe_Main_Percent": 0,
        "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100,
        "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100,
        "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100,
        "Respawn_Timer": 1,
        "RustRewardsValue": 0.0


Why does my bots spawn with no loot, inventories all empty? What have I missed?

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Are you trying to put the loot on the npc corpse or in a spawned hackable crate?

If corpse, you don't need to use the  "Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile" option.
If hackable crate, then you do, but you also need to increase "Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate_Percent" above zero, so it has a chance of spawning.


Assuming corpse - When you reload CustomLoot.cs do you see any complaints in console about loading zombie loottable?
It may be there's a mistake in the file somewhere, preventing it from loading, because your setup looks correct.

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When I reload I only get this


(16:06:51) | Unloaded plugin CustomLoot v1.1.8 by Steenamaroo

(16:06:51) | Calling 'OnServerInitialized' on 'CustomLoot v1.1.8' took 329ms

(16:06:51) | Loaded plugin CustomLoot v1.1.8 by Steenamaroo

(16:06:56) | [CustomLoot] Finished populating all containers.

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Ok, That looks like it should.
Just to confirm, are you 100% certain you're killing an npc from the BotReSpawn 'zombie' profile?
You can confirm by doing `/botrespawn info` whilst looking at the npc, before killing. That will report back the npcs profile name in chat.

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Looks like it should be working then.
Is there any possibility you have other plugins which may be overriding - wiping the npc's corpse?
If your server's not too busy maybe you could 
oxide.unload *
oxide.load BotReSpawn

oxide.load CustomLoot

then test


oxide.reload *

Failing that, maybe send me your /CustomLoot/zombie.json, and your BotReSpawn default-CustomProfiles.json, just so I can check them in full?

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I don't really know AlphaLoot but I think it goes by prefabname?

If so, BotReSpawn npcs are scientistnpc_roam. If you see an option to disable loot for those then that would probably solve it.

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