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Lockouts Resetting

No Response 2.4.1

I noticed this happened to me a couple of times last wipe but didn't really pay enough attention to confirm it or not, but this wipe, I have had 2 players let me know that their lockouts are resetting back to the full time again. Once they loot the base, the lockout timer starts. They'll leave the raid base and go back to deposit the loot, then a short time later, they will see their lockout back to the full time again. Based on their timeline and looking in the logs, it appears that maybe when the raid base despawns or is abandoned and unlocked, it triggers the lockout for those players again. I've looked through the configs but only found a few settings dealing with the lockouts.

I have these settings in my config. Maybe I'm missing something else, but just curious as to why the timers would reset part way through the countdown after players leave the raid base?


"Player Lockouts (0 = ignore)": {
"Apply All Lockouts Everytime": false,
"Time Between Raids In Minutes (Easy)": 20.0,
"Time Between Raids In Minutes (Medium)": 30.0,
"Time Between Raids In Minutes (Hard)": 60.0,
"Time Between Raids In Minutes (Expert)": 120.0,
"Time Between Raids In Minutes (Nightmare)": 240.0,
"Block Clans From Owning More Than One Raid": true,
"Block Friends From Owning More Than One Raid": false,
"Block Teams From Owning More Than One Raid": true

"Assign Lockout When Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time Expires": false,


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Hey Nivex,

I'm sure you are busy with other things but wanted to follow up with you on this issue where the lockouts are resetting for player just before they expire. 


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                    case RaidableMode.Easy: return Easy <= 0 || Easy - Epoch.Current <= 0;
                    case RaidableMode.Medium: return Medium <= 0 || Medium - Epoch.Current <= 0;
                    case RaidableMode.Hard: return Hard <= 0 || Hard - Epoch.Current <= 0;
                    case RaidableMode.Expert: return Expert <= 0 || Expert - Epoch.Current <= 0;
                    case RaidableMode.Nightmare: return Nightmare <= 0 || Nightmare - Epoch.Current <= 0;

I have no idea. this code states the lockout MUST be 0 or MUST be expired in order to be reset. i see no possible way this could fail

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yea I keep looking and I just don't see anything wrong. I will probably just rewrite the whole damn thing =\

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