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Bradley getting stuck

Closed 1.1.6

On 2/9/2022 at 5:38 AM, TheProfessor said:

Bradley still getting stuck near main road.  Running version 1.1.6.  





On which map is this happening? Please record a video and send it to my discard (Adem#9554)

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map seed 345.  I do not have any blocked roads/etc.  The heli is enabled on both standard difficulties, and it doesn't always track with the convoy, it flips out on occasion when attacked.  I'll try and get a video.  Has happened 2x.  I have this mod of yours, and AirShip.  Players enjoy them despite the quirks.

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On Rust Admins Discord, another report:

Randy Bobandy — Today at 5:01 PM
anyone else have trouble with the convoy plugin where the tanks will sometimes just get stuck and start spinning in circles ?

TheProfessor — Today at 5:40 PM

Yes, and I have a ticket open on it, on codefling. He asked for a video. Shot a video. Same spot every time, trailing bradley gets hung up.

Randy Bobandy — Today at 5:42 PM

Ah ok cool, yeah for me the front brad gets stuck and will spin until it leaves the road then the rest of the convoy moves on and the back brad gets stuck at same spot and starts spinning too.

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6 hours ago, TheProfessor said:

Map seed 345, grid R8 -- here's a screenshot.  Working on vid.  This is right where he leaves road.  usually missed the telephone pole tho.



What is the size of the map?

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