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cursor move to middle of gui

Closed 1.1.0

Hy there! 

I had a problem with GUI menu behavior. Very often if i click on the GUI, like next/prev page or click on a perk, the mouse cursor reset the position and jump into the middle of the screen, and it is very annoying. Probably it is coming from the fact, that the GUI is always destroyed and recreated and not load smootly because of this. May you should keep a parent layer and only re-drawn a menu elements, and then it resolve the cursor issue. We used to use ServerRewards as well, and XDquest, where this issue is not present. Please fix this problem, it can be annoying to find a cursor all the time when this feature is used.


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Might be something I do down the road but it won't be any time soon unfortunately as I would have to write a large majority of the code to accommodate.

I like the idea of changing elements. Need to brush up a little on my CUI skills and learn how that works functionally though.

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