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Many problems, possible refund?

Not a Bug 1.1.2


I posted a review of this plugin and gave it 2/5 stars.  It seems no one else took the time to as comprehensively analyze the mod.

I will cut to the chase but please read my review for a full explanation of the issues I have with this plugin.  

1. Weird shadow is generated 5 feet below player under backpack that allows other players to see players through walls

2. You advertise that you can use a stash as a backpack but it embeds the player into the ground, makes them drown, forces them to crouch over and over again (why wasn't this fixed before release?)

3. the backpack and the backpack from hazmat suits arent in sync and look bad, would be nice if there was a way to hide backpack while players wear outfits with backpacks.

4.  No easy option to hide the backpack (This seems silly that I would want this as there are free plugins that don't show the backpack but it would be nice to have, mostly due to issue 1.

5. Finally, the backpack likes to float and teleport around a lot.  If you have a character getting in and out of cars, moving quickly, the backpack will desync and then fly back to them.  If they bend over the backpack doesn't even move with their body, it just stays floating in the air.

I thought that this would help add REALISM to the server, not cause magic floating shadow orbs, flying backpacks and glitches that force my character to crouch over and over and drown in water.

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There are instructions on the plugin sales page :

Reminder : 

If Backpack entity model (false = Small stash , true = Backpack) = false, If the admin uses F3 to switch the perspective, it will feel pressed by something,Also sinks when swimming

The problem of blocking bullets is reasonable, because he is an entity, if the backpack is attacked by bullets, it will disappear, or it will be unreasonable to transfer to the player,

Transparent sphere, only enabled for players using non-medium sized 3D backpack models, as it is needed to scale the backpack model size

If it is a medium sized 3D backpack model it will not show the translucent sphere

When using building copy, you can enter /bbset to turn off the display of the 3D backpack model

If you are a PVP server, it is not recommended that you give players 3D backpack models,
But it still has 9999 grid backpack capacity worth using

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