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not working properly

Pending 2.0.5

PermissionsManager never offered this, but you can create new groups with oxide's command

oxide.group add SomeNameHere

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so also i keep getting put into multiple permission groups like owner, admin and default i remove myself and after a server restart it comes back and its the same for my admins they are put into admin default and i wish them to be just in admin and me just in the owner group permission how do i resolve this thank you..

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Sorry for the late reply - I didn't see this somehow.
As far as I know Auth Level 2 players are automatically put in the admin group, and all players are automatically put in the default group.

Even if you manually remove players from these groups, I'm fairly sure they're put straight back in the next time they connect.

If you want to differentiate between yourself and your other staff you'd be better making new unique groups and using those to designate permissions to ServerOwner and ServerStaff, or something like that.

Keep in mind if your admins are really admin (authlevel 2) they can give themselves whatever permissions they want.
It's best practice to reserve authlevel 2 for yourself only then give out permissions to your staff some other way.

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