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Suicide Timer?

No Response 1.0.6

I keep seeing in my console when ScientistNames plugin renames npc's. It comes up every 5-15 minutes. I cant figure out why it would be renaming them so frequently. 

Im under the impression that something is going on with BotReSpawn and is causing them to respawn that frequently but have no way to confirm this is actually happening. I only have one other plugin that messes with npc's. That one is RaidableBases but those all come in with names instead of numbers and are prefixed by the name plugin and only show when bases are spawning on the map. I can say for certain that the amount of names being changed are equivalent to when I reload BotReSpawn.


With that being said I have been trying to tweak my config to get a handle on this without success. I am looking into the suicide timer now thinking that maybe they are suiciding and respawning all at the same time since they all spawn in at the same time when the plugin loads. I have set the timer for 25hrs to stop this from happening but it is still doing it.

I am not seeing any wrong location or death msg's on them.

Do you have any suggestions as to fix this?


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Hi William,
Sorry I didn't see this sooner - Not sure what happened.
I'm not familiar with the ScientistNames plugin but I can tell you that suicide timer is only applicable to event npcs and npcs spawned with toplayer command.
It doesn't apply to the normal profile populations which respawn when they've been killed.

If you're seeing large numbers of npcs respawning, though, it could possible be a difference in day + night spawn amounts for some profiles?
If you have different numbers for day and night then BotReSpawn would kill, or spawn, npcs at the change of day/night to meet those settings.
Could that be what you're seeing?

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Ill look again, possibly but I believe I set them to be all the same day/night. Could be taking damage like cactus or animal maybe. Just noticed that it was happening because the rename plugin shows in console when it does a rename. Could be from something else but have noticed last few days seems like its less but I also haven't been keeping server console open as much either. Maybe just keep an eye out with testing, I might be a one off or changes in the updates who knows.

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It's possible they're just being killed + respawned over and over, sure.
If you want to protect them from cacti and barbs and things like that, there's a PVE_Safe option in the global config that you can set to true.

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