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Locked crate bots

No Response 1.0.6

I am using the locked crate bots. It works fantastic for crates dropped by the Chinook. The issue I have is with the Cargo Train Event plugin. This spawns a cargo train with hackable crates. When those crates are spawned, the locked crate bots also spawn.

Would it be possible to set a config that prevents the AI from spawning in if the hackable crates aren't dropped by the chinook? Is there a way to check if the hackable crate is dropped by a chinook?

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I think that would be possible although it may result in other people not getting npcs in cirumstances where they want them to spawn.
I do have a hook there - OnBotReSpawnCrateDropped.
If the dev of your event plugin is willing, they could use that to prevent BotReSpawn deploying npcs to crates from that plugin.

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This is what the dev of the Cargo Train Event said: 

Yeah that's what I said. I only make special accommodations for the platforms mentioned. Codefling is not and will not be on that list, for reasons I'd rather not get into (edited)

[3:06 PM]

again, I will add a hook to Cargo Train Event and if the author of BotReSpawn wants to utilise it, he's free to do so

[3:07 PM]

but since Cargo Train Event was there first, and it's not Cargo messing with that plugin functionality, but that plugin messing with Cargo

[3:07 PM]

that's 2 reasons why it should be bot re spawn checking for crates

[3:08 PM]

not the other way around

[3:10 PM]

it's just a little bit preposterous to assume that every time a crate spawns in-game, that crate should be immediately surrounded with NPC

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More information from him:

well yeah that's what I mean. different plugins can spawn crates in any location
for instance, Vehicle Airdrops
it spawns a crate on a chute
in the air
do the NPC spawn in the air too?
who's to say
what could be done, though
from the side of Bot Re Spawn
without having to call any hooks
and that would work for any plugin:
check if the codelocked crate is parented to something!
if it is, it means that it's moving
so it shouldn't spawn paratroppers
I think that's the best solution
that way, both plugins could be platform-agnostic
DM me and I'll patch up the plugin for you
and you'll be able to forward that patch to steen
because there's also the Convoy plugin
also with a crate
instead of making special accommodations for both those plugins, it's just best to see if a crate is parented to something
it's a very easy check
(parented = moves along with its parent)
(like a car, train, or even the cargo ship)


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@BetterDeadThanZedtested and tells me that checking the crate for parent (even with a delay) didn't work.

The proper solutions are either
A: For me to provide make a call so other plugins can opt out, which I've done
B: For other plugins to make a call or provide API so their spawned crates can be identified.

I don't really care which option gets used but the first one is available and working already.
If someone refuses to use it, I think it would make sense for them to provide a solid alternative.

Edited by Steenamaroo

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