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Security concearn

Can't Reproduce 1.0.4

i am having players in the team show that the steam id is 3 numbers off there actual steam id. and is also causing them to die when logged off. i am pretty sure this mod has a bug but not sure what please advise if you can thanks. 

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The only thing I can think of is they have set their name to their Steam ID, or Steam Support did as their name was reported as racist or offensive.

The only reason is that I had a player get their name changed to it from steam directly after players reported their name from my server.

A player's steam ID becoming masked is most likely the default game logic.

TeamFix has no control or programming to set a team member's team name.

Generally speaking, though a player's Steam 64ID is public information already available on many sites including, discord bot checking for bans, etc.

Even if it did get mistakenly leaked to a team member, it would be of little to no value since it is not a security threat or issue for a user's account.

After discussing this with you in discord a bit, in regards to this issue it sounds like it's a plugin conflict of sorts with your admin protection plugin. Since only server owner / admin was affected. + I am unable to re-create this problem.

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