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Not a Bug 1.0.5

12 minutes ago, MercedesCLA45AMG said:

i am unable to change the visual of the backpacks on the latest version i have tested many settings with players and only able to see the giant model. 


The permissions to specify the backpack model are as follows :

Its judgment order is from bottom to top

1 backpackpro.smallstash.mini
2 backpackpro.smallstash.small
3 backpackpro.smallstash.medium
4 backpackpro.smallstash.large
5 backpackpro.smallstash.mgiant
6 backpackpro.backpack.mini
7 backpackpro.backpack.small
8 backpackpro.backpack.medium
9 backpackpro.backpack.large
10 backpackpro.backpack.mgiant

 If you give the player backpackpro.backpack.mgiant and then give it to backpackpro.smallstash.mgiant then it will still show the backpack model of backpackpro.backpack.mgiant  you need to delete the backpackpro.backpack.mgiant permission before it will show the backpack model of backpackpro.smallstash.mgiant

If you want to give players a unified 3D backpack model, you can set it under config

"Default 3D Model Settings": {
    "Default 3D model (false = Small stash , true = Backpack)": true,
    "Default 3D Model size (giant,large,medium,small,mini)": "medium",
    "Enable default model Display": true


Example of deleting a specified player permission :

o.revoke user "Player ID" backpackpro.backpack.mgiant

delete group permission release :

o.revoke group "group name" backpackpro.backpack.mgiant


I will add judgment in the next version. When you give the player backpack model permission, it will delete other backpack model permissions it has, which is convenient for operation.


Thank you for your support, my English is not good, the above content is using Google Translate !

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6 hours ago, MercedesCLA45AMG said:

i have tried all of these and still only see the giant.

I'm not sure what's wrong with it, it's sold a lot and no one has reported the problem you're talking about

1.You can uninstall the plugin first, and then see if the 3D backpack model behind the player disappears,If the 3D backpack model doesn't disappear

Solution : This needs to restart the server to solve the problem 

2. After uninstalling the plugin, if the 3D backpack model disappears normally

Then it means that there is still a problem with giving the player or permission group permission.

Then the problem is still that you gave the player multiple 3D backpack model permissions

o.show user {player id} 

Check the permissions that the player has to see if there are multiple 3D backpack model permissions, if there is more than one 3D backpack model permission, please only keep the one you want it to display

After deleting the permission, use o.show user {player id} to continue to check, if the redundant 3D backpack model permission has not been deleted, it means that the permission is in the group

You need to delete permissions from the corresponding group

Example :

o.revoke group {group name} backpackpro.backpack.mgian

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3 hours ago, MercedesCLA45AMG said:

i know enough about mods to be able to use them and edit them without any problems it wont change. but its fine ill make do.


I recorded a video for this and he didn't have any problems

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