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Delete crate when looted?

Closed 0.6.2

I was curious if we could have an option to remove the crate when its fully looted? I am doing the force start, and force unlock so not sure if that affects anything (I am testing the plugin right now) 

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On 1/29/2022 at 1:03 PM, FastBurst said:

Changed Status from Pending to Closed

Hey @FastBurstdo we think this will ever been implemented or no? We are going to be launching soon and unfortunately can't use it without this feature, but I understand if you are not going to implement it at this time. (Players complain about the box still being there and what not when pvping at the monument or get their hopes up thinking it has not been looted) 

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Any word on if this is being worked on? Just made this purchase and really like the alarm and siren features but as the box does not despawn after looting and a second event never spawns this is unusable at the moment. @DeathConsidering these support requests are being closed without any response and the issue has not been resolved I would suggest disabling the ability to purchase this so that others don't waste money.

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Currently it has been made this way intentionally by design. In the next update I will make it a config option. 

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