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Map click not working

No Response 1.0.1


I have tried granting some permissions such as map click, map click + precise, map click + precise + admin, just admin etc... and I just can't get it to teleport me to a location when I hold G and right click on the map. Nothing seems to happen.

I'm thinking I'm missing something simple I'm just not sure what. I have been able to use the chat commands such as /gridtp h 13 without issue. I really like the idea of using the map teleport feature though.



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I think if you have the admin priv then you bypass all checks except for the config option "DisableMapForAll", which is true by default.
Any chance that's true?

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Wow... Yeah you're right I had that setting enabled. I looked right past that. Thank you for the excellent, informative and fast response Steenamaroo.

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