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Stopped spawning NPCs on the roads

Not a Bug 2.4.1

Hello. I have two servers. Both are located on the hosting. Stopped spawning NPCs on the roads. If I change the world map to a new one, they appear. But after restarting the server, they disappear and no longer appear. I tried all possible commands of the "Server.cfg" file. I don't know if this is related to the work of the plugin or not. If not, perhaps, who has thoughts why? Thanks.

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i havent seen Junkpile scientists for a while, had a quick google a couple nights ago and seen a bunch of people talking the same thing, so i forgot about it. i wouldn't mind if they disappeared really.. scientists roaming junkpiles always seemed a bit unrealistic.. other AI plugins can offer something cool and unique, but with a bit of setup.


edit: but yeah its not RaidableBases thats affecting them

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that sounds like a game bug or a plugin killing them. i don't kill random npcs. if you're using navkiller plugin then make sure you update it.

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