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Base floating on water

Closed 2.4.1

Not sure what I could have changed but I can't stop raidable bases from exclusively spawning on the cost and floating in the water. I wasnt having this problem previously. I am playing on a custom map but didn't have this issue until recently.

I am using the paid version. According to the grid I have plenty of space and options available but I am only having bases spawn in the water.

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hey man, settings for this have moved to the profiles as stated in the update notes. sorry about that. see Water Settings

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  "Water Settings": {
    "Allow Bases To Float Above Water": false,
    "Chance For Underwater Bases To Spawn (0-100) (BETA - WORK IN PROGRESS)": 0.0,
    "Prevent Bases From Floating Above Water By Also Checking Surrounding Area": true,
    "Maximum Water Depth Level Used For Float Above Water Option": 0.1

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yes, thats right. if it still happens then it's an issue with the map not  having enough usable terrain.

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