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Not a Bug 1.0.5

Good evening I would like my players to be able to buy and that the item in question is added to the inventory, but I can not it will be several days that try, but nothing to do, can you give me an example, because my helicopter can not be placed


  "Mini": {
    "BaseItem": "box.wooden.large",
    "SkinID": 2691274490,
    "Prefab": "assets/content/vehicles/minicopter/minicopter.entity.prefab",
    "NeedsTCAuth": true,
    "CanBePickedUp": false,
    "AdjustHeight": 0.0



    "Mini": {
      "DisplayName": "???",
      "CraftAsDisplayName": false,
      "Shortname": "???",
      "MakeBlueprint": false,
      "AllowSellOfUsedItems": false,
      "Condition": 0.0,
      "EnableBuy": true,
      "EnableSell": false,
      "Image": "",
      "SellPrice": 1.0,
      "BuyPrice": 1.0,
      "BuyCooldown": 0,
      "SellCooldown": 0,
      "BuyQuantity": [],
      "SellQuantity": [],
      "BuyLimit": 0,
      "BuyLimitResetCoolDown": 0,
      "SellLimit": 0,
      "SellLimitResetCoolDown": 0,
      "KitName": "",
      "Command": [
        "inventory.giveto $player.id ???"
      "RunCommandAndCustomShopItem": false,
      "GeneTypes": [],
      "SkinId": ??? skin <----- ???



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Hey. what you shoud do inside GUIShop is

"DisplayName": "Mini",
"Shortname": "box.wooden.large",

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9 hours ago, Delltus said:

"inventory.giveto $player.id ???"

nope there is no command support, just match item name and item shortname from your Entities.json when you selling items in gui shop

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