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Is this killing NPC's that got stuck?

No Response 1.0.0

I experience Oil Rig scientists being stuck from time to time.

They don't move or attack and can be killed easily.

Is your plugin fixing this?

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No, it kills of Oil Rig npcs who can't find navmesh and cause console spam about it.
However, your issue could be the weapons you've given them, if you're using NPCKits.

Some weapons work well with these npcs and some don't - Might be something to look into.

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I don't use NPC Kits at the moment but still get these issues with scientists sometimes.

No matter if it's Oil Rig, Cargo or e.g. the TreasueBox or the PilotEject event.

In all cases I get NPC's that are stuck and don't attack.

A bit different though. Oil Rig and Cargo don't move at all and dont attack back when getting attacked.

The plugin npc's do move from left to right, Treasure box npc's attack after being attacked, PilotEject guys don't.


I have no clue what to do about it tbh. I have this since months and it's a pain in the ass.

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Not sure I can help much, I'm afraid, but I would consider unloading all plugins then killing off the rig npcs and letting them respawn again, to see if the issue comes up.If not, you can attribute it to some plugin and start the process of elimination.

I'm sure there's a default command to force-repopulate the Oilrig...Can't remember, but I left a command 'repop' in CustomLoot for testing/debugging.
CustomLoot does absolutely nothing to loot until configured so, if it makes things quicker, you could install it and use that `repop` console command to speed up your testing.

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I once did this and waited hours for testing everytime to see if the NPC's change or not. 😄

Guess I could do it once more with that command sooner or later.

I hope I soon get the joy to do so. 😞

Thank you.

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Much much easier with an instant-respawn command. 😉

That's actually why it's there...so I have convenient troubleshooting, testing various weapons with the different npc types.

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Do you know of a command that kills all scientists instantly?

Would fit to the respawn command and I wouldnt have to kill them all with guns all the time.

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