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Hackable Crate

Closed 2.0.12


we are testing your plugin right now and we are loving it.

Only thing we noticed is the weird behavior of your hackable crates.

Weird thing #1:
If you are in a group and two people start hacking the progress bar will just stop. We guess it only works for the last person that initiates the hack. Maybe a short chat-message can be activated for starting/finishing/interrupted attemps?

Weird thing #2:
Once hacked other hacking attemps will increase the hacking duration by the original time. (We have 10 secs for hacking. Once hacked we can hack again and it will be 10, 20, 30, 40 secs..). I don't know if that is intended.

Weird thing #3:
The hacking timer stops sporadically, even if you don't touch your mouse. I needed 4 hacking attemps. It stopped (from 10 sec base hack time) at 8, 6, 6 and 3 seconds. And we are not sure why.


Maybe we can turn on some debug messages for the hack-crate to sort things out?

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Weird thing #1: Working on it, will make sure other players cannot begin a hack if someone's already doing it.

Weird thing #2: Yes, that is intended.

Weird thing #3: Couldn't really replicate, what's the config definition for that specific hackable container?

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Nothing special. We only changed the WaitTime and the loot.

Thanks for the fast reply


(Maybe, but only maybe, a big maybe:
i used 5.56 explosive ammo and some of the flames were still at the ground.
i dont know if the flames cause hack-resets since there is a lock on this prefab that can be damaged in order to hack it)

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