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Boss Monster NPCs not showing on Rust server

Closed 1.0.6

Hi, I installed the cs files on my Rust server, but none of the BossMonster NPCs are showing up on the server.  I have tried editing the BossMonster.json file but the instructions are not clear on what settings will make them appear.  Should the NPCs appear without changing anything in the stock json file, or are certain settings required to be set?   Can you please give an example of working settings?  Both the BossMonster.cs and the NpcSpawn.cs are installed in the oxide/plugins folder.  I attempted to get help on Discord but did not receive answers to my questions.

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Hi, did you write to me in Discord in private messages? If your nickname in Discord is the same as the nickname on the site, then such a person did not write to me in private messages, I just checked it now

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