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Guards not responding

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After the AI update a month ago. This plugin does not function like it used too. The guards just sit there hovering above ground, and will not shoot at you until you shoot them. This is turn makes the plugin almost defunct. As players can just spray them down before they get a shot off. I was wondering if there was a fix that can be applied to this, to make them move as soon as they spawn, and attack people.

Thank you

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5 hours ago, Krungh Crow said:

running the latest version ?

Nope, just realized I was one behind. Sorry about that. Seems to be working better after the newest version

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I know due the new AI update my plugins need a partial rewrite hopefully i am feeling well again soon to pick it up again

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16 hours ago, Krungh Crow said:

Changed Status from Pending to Closed

Changed Fixed In to 1.3.0

Just testing it today. Newest update, they still hover over the ground at times, and are not aggressive unless you attack them. Makes them too easy to kill off.

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