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No Loot Found in the Config

Closed 2.4.0 2.4.1

The profile are named: easy, medium, hard & expert (all lower caps)
I realized that even the default loot isnt spawning as well, tried to adjust profile name from easy > Easy but dosent work too.

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Hi please correct me if i'm wrong, I purchased this as a plugin only, as I had experience to set up the config & profiles as I was using them before. I dont think I can access the tier packages as they requires to be purchased. Is this plugin not meant to be able to function by itself?...

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it will work fine without. you will need to go into each loot table and set probability from 0.0 to 1.0. just use the replace all feature in notepad++ or whatever to do this all at once instead of individually.

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I see, I think the issue was because I was using the old loot table which didnt even have the probability settings. I reinstalled the entire config and copied the loot table layout from the default loot file thats automatically generated and now no issues with the loot spawning. Thank you.

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