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Bots not spawn inside bases.

Closed 2.4.0 2.4.0


Faced the following problem:

I want to make an NPC only inside the base. But with different settings, they either gather at one point outside, or they all stand on the roof, or do not appear at all. Out of 5 NPCs, a maximum of 2 appear in the building.

If I set only Murders inside, spawned Scientists outside.

With the NPC outside, no problem.

Current setting:

"NPCs": {

 "Spawn Inside Bases": {

  "Spawn On Floors": false,

  "Spawn On Beds": false,

  "Spawn On Rugs": true,

  "Spawn On Rugs With Skin Only": 0,

  "Spawn Murderers Outside": false,

  "Spawn Scientists Outside": false


"Random Names": [],

"Enabled": true,

"Give Npcs Wallhack Cheat": false,

"Aggression Range": 25.0,

"Despawn Inventory On Death": true,

"Amount To Spawn": 5,

"Minimum Amount To Spawn": 4,

"Spawn Random Amount": false,

"Spawn Murderers And Scientists": true,

"Spawn Murderers": false,

"Spawn Scientists Only": false,

"Use Dangerous Treasures NPCs": false,

"Player Traps And Turrets Ignore Npcs": false,

"Scientist Weapon Accuracy (0 - 100)": 30.0,

"Health For Murderers (100 min, 5000 max)": 200.0,

"Health For Scientists (100 min, 5000 max)": 200.0

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