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Bots spawn delayed

No Response 1.0.2

The respawn timer works slightly differently now - It works the same as monument barrel/loot spawning in the vanilla game,
where this timer is how often a profile checks to see how many npcs are missing.

That does mean an npc could respawn slightly sooner than expected, but I have restricted it such that it can only respawn a fraction of your population in each pass.

It might take some balancing, as feedback comes in, but that's a description of the difference compared to BotSpawn.

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Would it be possible to make this optional?

The way I use bots, players kill them in a specific order since they are fighting them down a linear path. Then 5-10 minutes later, another player does it and kills the bots in that same order. The new system is making that more unpredictable. The enemy may respawn instantly or it could take an extended amount of time. It feels weird for players when they kill an npc and another spawns back in its place a few seconds later.

Keep up the good work, glad to see the plugin is working after the big changes.

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