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  1. Plugin has been great so far. Any chance we could get permissions added? My server has moderators who aren't admin but they could use this to help enforce rules on my server. Thanks!
    Great plugin. Def recommend.
  2. Would it be possible to add a duration to these? If someone is building too laggy, it would be cool to say "Fix your build" 24h or something so we don't need to go back the following day to remove if they fixed it.
  3. Venedas

    No loot spawning in bases

    Got it working. Our version of copy/paste was outdated. Sorry to waste your time.
  4. Venedas

    No loot spawning in bases

    It says the following. Since I'm doing this on my test server, I moved all plugins except RB and copypaste and it still doesn't work to narrow down if another plugin was messing with it in some way. I re-installed everything as well and same thing. e at V25 (925.0, 0.0, -1575.0) (18:16:26) | Unloaded plugin Raidable Bases v2.0.2 by nivex (18:16:26) | - Loaded 184 items from RaidableBases\Difficulty_Loot\Easy Loaded 199 items from RaidableBases\Difficulty_Loot\Medium Loaded 211 items from RaidableBases\Difficulty_Loot\Hard Loaded 193 items from RaidableBases\Difficulty_Loot\Exper
  5. Venedas

    No loot spawning in bases

    That's why I'm confused. They are all there. I'm curious if something else is conflictng. All of the loot profiles are in their folders and yet it isn't pulling the loot data. (11:30:57) | Listing all primary bases and their subsets: Primary Base: Easy Bases > Profile Additional Base: raideasy1 raideasy2 raideasy3 raideasy4 raideasy5 raideasy6 raideasy7 raideasy8 raideasy9 raideasy10 Primary Base: Expert Bases > Profile Additional Base: raidexpert1 raidexpert2 raidexpert3 raidexpert4 raidexpert5 raidexpert6 raidexpert7 raidexpert8 raidexpert9 raidexpert10 Primary Base: Ha
  6. Venedas

    No loot spawning in bases

    I just purchased raidable bases and the tier 3 extra. I followed the "read me" and dropped the folder into the oxide. I verified everything is in the right place. When I spawned some test bases - all of the boxes have no loot in them. When I open the loot files, everything looks good and they have a loot able. Am I missing a step? Thanks!
  7. Any chance we could add a cooldown to it? I have players making a ton of zombies and farming them for EZ loot.
  8. Venedas


    Yeah that's fair. You nailed ease of use for the current version so I totally understand the concern. What if it was a different version, similar to how you have 4 x 3 version. Keep up the awesome work man.
  9. Venedas


    Been configuring this plugin a bunch today. Excellent plugin, love the ease of use. Two features I would love to see. Option to have a second page Sub menus. If I click an icon, it brings up it's own menu. An example - Player clicks the buy vehicle option and a new screen pops up that has vehicles for them to purchase. Anyway, excellent plugin as is!!
  10. Removing the / worked. Thanks man. Love the plugin so far.
  11. So far the /god command and /garage ui haven't worked.
    Really cool plugin. Setup is very simple and you are given the tools to easily make your own custom icons.
  12. Awesome plugin! The setup has been super easy so far. For my question, is there a reason why some /commands don't work? I'm assuming it has to do with the other plugins since most commands work but some just randomly don't. A few examples I've encountered so far: Garage Plugin Faux Admin When using them I get the error "Unknown command:". Any tips would be appreciated.
  13. Hey guys, Looking to get a quests plugin that goes a step beyond what is currently available. Below are some things that are not available in the current quest plugin that we are looking for. Ability to have NPCs have specific quests, not all NPCs with same available quests. Quest chains. The ability to have multi-step quest chains. Delivery quests with cooldowns. Willing to pay a few hundred USD, please reach out if this is something you would be able to help with. Thanks, V

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