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Custom Meal Question

Closed 1.2.3

OK I figured out how to add custom foods and make the skin ID but when I reloaded the plugin I got this and now I cant download any skins at all and reverts any and all items back to default.. This all started as soon as I reloaded the plugin.. Any Ideas?


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28 minutes ago, imthenewguy said:

Send me your config and tell me what the food is that you made. I can take a look

I ended up wiping it and reinstalling it before i reinstalled the game I do know the other 6 people on the server also had to reinstall there game as well.. I had 1 item work great which was popcorn but the taco one I have was like NOPE! not sure what happened as the 1st one worked flawlessly 

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Closing off. Hmu if you have any questions 🙂

Make sure images are exactly 500x500 and in png when uploading them to the steam workshop. I've had issues in the past with this.

Also I recommend the tool on this site that does it for you - i rely on it entirely now.

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