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Add command support like previous plugin

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I appreciate the new GUI interface, but could you add support for commands like before?  I found it quick and easy to just type /botspawn edit "monument" and then /botspawn addspawn.  It was very simple.  Going thru the gui is not working.  Could you add similar functionality using commands like previous?  It worked really great as it was before.

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I should probably add a console command for addspawn, as I know people like to keybind that.
I can't imagine adding in a full chat command system, though - I think when people get used to the UI they should find it much quicker and easier,

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If I close the UI, I have to type /botrespawn, click default profiles, find the one Im at in a list, click edit spawnpoints, and then add a spawn point.  When in this UI interface you can't move the mouse around so it makes it difficult to place a good spawnpoint. The new UI is cool but if the old method could be replicated that would be extremely helpful.  It was actually perfect how the plugin worked before

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I second this, It would be incredibly helpful to even just have the same chat based spawn editing system. Clicking through the menus makes adding spawnpoints incredibly tedius, and has more room for error.

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This is done now in V1.0.3

The process is
Open UI > Your profile > Edit Spawnpoints > Click 'add by command'
then use addspawn console command (bound?) to add your points.

When you next open the UI there'll be a button to say 'end addspawn' to free up your keybind.

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