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NPC Kits Conflict

Closed 2.2.4

Sorry my bad I didn't mention; I'm using custom inventories I want for their looks and drops with Raidable Bases Profiles. NPCKits is overwriting the kits and causing the conflict because it's trying to overwrite all general Scientists on the map and not looking for the ones plugins are spawning.

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Hey so I'm revisiting this today as the players should be busy getting ready for our raid grace period to lift. I'll try your suggestion there, here's the goals for getting a clean/desired drop off these NPCs:
-Regular scientist loot drops when killed

-RaidableBases config kit drops when killed

-NPC Kits loadout does not drop/duplicate any items

-NPC Kits does spawn and drop off of regular scientists at junkpiles

Side Note: I've noticed since the last update that the NPCs have somehow become heavies and are dropping Heavy related items-grenade launchers, m39s, etc. - Any way to go back to the good ol' science bois?

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You're direction worked great! I've got them despawning the kits loot and keeping their assigned RaidableBases data kits. They are not keeping the scientist loot at the moment, but this is actually a good thing at the moment as they want to spawn Heavy Scientist loot without it. - After some thinking, this may actually be due to some bug somewhere else, my junkpile scientists aren't spawning at all!

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No worries!

So the default scientist loot - like the components and random guns scientists drop:

-They no longer drop this loot, which is a minor thing I liked to have them continue dropping as it can be a form of minor random additional loot, but am happy as long as the NPC Kits loot isn't dropping.

-When they were dropping the default loot this wipe, they were suddenly dropping items the Heavy Scientists drop, rather than the regular roaming scientists in the game.

-My junkpile scientists are completely missing on my server, the ones that guard barrels/boxes - I think this could be related, but maybe not to this plugin.

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ok, i will just add another option to block it then 😛 Block Npc Kits Plugin

ah. yes, the npcs i am using are the heavy scientists. i can try using the roam scientists instead.

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actually I implemented the option to use any scientist loot spawns

    "Alternate Scientist Default Rust Loot": {
      "Prefab ID List": [
      "Alternate Scientist Default Rust Loot": false

then you can decide which to use. I tried using different npcs entirely but none of them work properly except heavy scientist. so I just decided to change their loot table with this option instead. it's disabled by default so you will have to set it true to enable it. just remove from that list any scientist loot you don't want spawning

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