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"stacksize": -1 info

Closed 2.2.2

Hello, Sorry if I am missing something obvious but what does the -1 mean and what would be valid options. I could not find on loot configuration page may need to add a line about it unless I am just missing something simple. (Just took over PVE server with this amazing plugin but they were adding loot to bases manually I am migrating over to defined loot tables)

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hi, -1 means there is no stacksize defined for that loot item and to spawn the full amount configured as 1 item. unless the Use Stack Size Limit For Spawning Items option is enabled. you set the value to whatever you want

so if you have the loot item ammo.rocket.basic, with min and max amount set to 12 and stacksize set to 6 then it will spawn two stacks of 6.

unfortunately that would count it as 2 items instead of 1 for Amount Of Items To Spawn currently but this will be changed soon

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