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Building twig foundations blocked

Closed 2.2.4

twig foundations are getting deleted with the message "Too close to another building" 

in config i have "Allow Players To Build": true,

i have tc access

i can place other twig floors/walls but not foundations


"Allow Players To Build": false, works fine, disallows all building


is it possible to change it to: "Allow Players To Build if they have TC Auth": true,

reason is so it requires ppl to use ladders until they get priv, then they can build (probably just twig, for moving round base). Actually im not sure of vanilla at the moment, wether you can place twig without priv.. i never liked that, 

my server is vanilla rates so even ladders are a cost consideration, i like how low i can set numbers and difficulty, RB has very configurable levels, ta


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I'm not sure that I will allow this. There was an exploit where players would extend the foundation beyond the dome and exploit it somehow but I don't recall the details of what exactly the exploit allowed at that point

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