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Base shows looted without TC being looted or destoyed

No Response 2.2.4

I have this set up on my server that the TC has to be destroyed to get the reward points but found a loophole. So we found that if you loot all the box's and not touch the TC you get credit for the raid on the last box saying  example: youname completed hard27 raidable base, but no RP points are given till you take the TC.. Is this intentional or ?

Also noticed where the notification bar says someone raided a base and  that person isn't even on the server

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credit for what? what message, exactly?

players will only ever have a notification if they participated. it does not matter if they log off before the raid is completed. it only matters how long they were offline. by default that is 20 minutes (Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time (Minutes)) before they do not receive anything.

it is not fair that someone disconnects and doesn't receive anything for their efforts especially when their client may have crashed, or they had to suddenly leave

this of course does not apply if they die and disconnect or die while disconnected as the game destroys their player entity at that point


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No I mean it shows someone raided a base that isn't online like if I'm the only one on at 4am it'll say a one of my normal players that play in the day time just raided a base and I'm the only one online.. 

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I just went through the code for you to verify that this cannot happen.

The only time players can be added to this list is if:

  1. they loot something
  2. they kill an npc
  3. they destroy tc, box or building block
  4. they pickup a deployable
  5. they deal damage to a base using explosive, fire or a melee weapon

players must participate to be added. so either you're mistaken, or another plugin is interfering

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no worries. it's just that something else must explain why this is happening for you. i need to know what that is

Lock Treasure Max Inactive Time (Minutes)

is this set to 0 ? this would explain it. if a player did any of the 5 above steps at any point in the day then they would eventually receive credit once it was raided since there is no time limit set for them to become inactive if this is set to 0

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