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Nothing added to inventory

Closed 1.5.8

Plugin loads fine and says it's giving signals but there is nothing in the inventory. 

UPDATE: After sifting through console some more, I see this error when the give command is run. "Item's Held Entity not removed!Supply Signal -> supplysignal.weapon[18250981]"

I do have fancydrops but I am unable to disable or unload this because there are active players on my server. 

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Did you read the description? You have to manually add it to loot or add it in Server Rewards or use ExtraLoot which is on UMod.

By default it will NOT spawn in any loot so it won't just work out of the box. It will if you have my other 2 plugins that use it like Scavenger Hunt or Explosive Box as those plugins have their own custom loot tables that call on the DropVehicles.

FancyDrop will have no factor on the plugin as it is seperate as I wrote FancyDrop as well.

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3 hours ago, ZenWolf said:

Ok I will give that a shot. Maybe I am missing something but it does not say that there are prerequisites for this anywhere. Thanks. 

No its further down in the description and the Used By Plugins as well.

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