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Latest version error

Pending 1.1.1

OK I have two versions of NPCKits.

I have the most current, labeled here as 1.1.1 (but in the .CS file it refers to itself as BotSpawn 2.2.2)

I have version 1.1.0 which was working beautifully.  It does NOT refer to BotSpawn.  


Which is the correct version to use that will restore all my hours and hours of hard work kitting all my NPC's? 

Right now with the most current version, some NPC's are wearing kits, some have default Rust gear and some are totally naked.

NPCKits.cs NPCKits.cs

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I must apologize.... I was way over tired yesterday so my mind wasn't as sharp as it should have been.   I did, in fact, accidentally change the name of BotSpawn to NPCKits.  Must have happened when I downloaded the latest version.   Again, I apologize and mark this request either for deletion or resolved. 

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Well.... bots are back to the way they were before... I have checked and re-checked my json config and data files (Kits, NPCKits, BotWeapons, BotSpawn) for errors, unloaded, reloaded, uninstalled and re-installed the .cs file for NPCKits.  I have bots (halloween murderers and scarecrows) that are totally naked except for their weapon (from BotWeapons plugin I suspect) even though they have kits assigned.   My junkpile scientists are wearing default Rust gear instead of their kits.  My Train Tunnel entrance guards have gone completely missing and my Tunnel Dwellers are also in default Rust gear.   Bots outside Military Tunnels are wearing their kits but the bots INSIDE military tunnel are wearing default Rust blue scientist suits.   The only bots wearing their assigned kits are those controlled by BotSpawn plugin (I think... haven't investigated every area of my map yet).      As a last ditch effort I am going to uninstall NPCKits yet again and install from a fresh download of the latest version, cross my fingers and toes and see what happens.

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