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Need help

Pending 1.0.6


This is not to offend you or anyone associated with Code Fling okay. But I did get this from you and have never used it. I have installed it,...yes. But am unable to set it up. I am not a computer educated person and am just learning still. I have had experience from running servers but do not understand how some Mods are setup. This Mod requires someone to be computer smart. Which I am not. I would like to ask you if you could include EXAMPLES of how to do ALL these things you are offering. For ONE. Setting up all the Categories such as crates, barrels, Heli crates, Tank Loots....etc. There are none, and I don't understand the formats and commas and such. It would be very nice/considerate if you or someone could help me out please. 

I purchased this with the hopes that it would be easier to understand than the New Updated Version of AlphaLoot from Chaos. You guys/Developers believe that we are all as Smart as you guys. But we are not! At least NOT ME!...lololol.

I respect your work but at times it is very hard to understand.

Do you have a Custom Loot; "For Dummies"? Because that is what I seem to need right now.

If you or someone could please,...at least show me /a template sorts. Of how to set up the different Categories such as the different crates, barrels and even the Bradley, Hackable Crates and Heli and others. That would be very kind. I may be old, but I am not a stupid person. Maybe once I have seen how things are installed into the json/Data, I should be able to continue on my own. And finish it myself. I see there is a TON of work involved. Just to get it going! To even run and produce the Loots I use to have from before.

I do appreciate everything you have done and would very much like to replace my NONE functioning Alpha Loot with yours.

Could you please help me, .......please.

Thank you for your time. And any response you may send.         Dave

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