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New Monuments

Pending 2.2.0

7 hours ago, Steenamaroo said:

If there are new monuments BotSpawn should be picking them up automatically.
If that's not the case, please let me know. 🙂

just checked the config (after several server restarts) and the new monuments have not been added to the data config as yet,

no hurry as everything else is still working great

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10 hours ago, Steenamaroo said:

Looks like they're being detected OK.
I'm seeing "Abandoned Military Base". Is that not them?

it came up after a few more server restarts and re-updating oxide, just another glitch . thanks for the help , decode has a lot to catch up on with the map icons , still has not caught up with underwater labs, icelakes and now another one, map is very crowded now, you sneak around a monument and get "crossfired" from another one.

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