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This Is Not Your Vehicle

Closed 1.2.2 1.3.0

So a couple things.

1) If players spawn in a police vehicle and leave it on the map for awhile, they seem to have some kind of timer where eventually they just become a normal helicopter and can no longer be removed with the command.

I have had issues with this between wipes where some information gets held up in the plugin and I have to unload wipe the data folder and reload the plugin.

2) Beyond that I am having an even bigger issue with this "This is not your vehicle" stuff.

Similarly to the above, if a player had spawned a police vehicle in, and we either wiped, or the vehicle reverted to a "normal" vehicle, the player will get a string of chat spam This is not your vehicle and then nothing happens. When they try to spawn it in it will tell them that they have to use the remove command as they already have one spawned.

I just literally DELETED the entire plugin, the config file, and the data file. I removed every single file entirely, and then reintroduced the plugin from scratch.

At first there was no issue but after just a little while, an hour maybe tops, when removing a vehicle I am getting multiple (last attempt 7 messages) This is not your vehicle in the chat. The final message is the confirmation and the vehicle is removed. But why is it adding all of this spam chat? There is nobody else active at the time and there are only maybe 3 people that have access to that permission. I spawned and removed it twice with no issue but the 3rd time I got the 7 spam messages then a confirmation.

I am not getting anything in console that could be of any help so if you have any idea that would be great. I love this plugin but I would love even more to help work out the bugs.

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I could only recreate this situation when the server was not shut down properly, I don't know what your hosting setup is but for me whenever I closed the server using quit it didn't cause any problems, only when it just clicked the x. the issues with data not being wiped properly should be fixed in the new update, I apologise, I hadn't added it at the start. The spam in the chat should also stop in the new update.

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