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Npc AI

Pending 2.2.0


Hey men, great plugin, i used all the time,... my internet is too bad that can't play in a normal server, so my friend and i play in a local server with the bots.

My question: 
1 - ¿All the NPC use the same AI, but with diferent skins and health?... i ask becouse It seems that the subway Train NPC, are more aggressive. and that's what i'm looking for. 
More aggressiveness. Maybe change the bot type that is chosen to spawn it and give it the kit.

2 - ¿Can you change the burst of the NPCs?, they always shoot that burst of 4 shots, and stop, 4 shots and stop, ... I wanted to change that to make it more real, full burst. Sure, if that were possible?

3 - ¿Is there a way that bots are not so easily distracted?, ... lately I see that bots have lost intelligence, in the sense that when one attacks the NPC in pairs, the bot chooses the closest one to attack, but when the The player moves away, leaving the other player closer, the NPC does not attack him, he stays focused on the one he chose first, even when the other player is next to the NPC.

Thanks for the great job

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Yes, BotSpawn is limited to the original scientist and/or murderer AI.

Unfortunately changing the AI isn't that simple but I am in the progress of a rewrite with newer AI.
Honestly, I'm unlikely to try to address these things in current BotSpawn but when the rewrite is done the AI should be a fair bit more aggressive, and smarter.

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