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special npcs

Pending 2.2.0



i have two questions:

1. so far i have been able to make bots on the detail locations. can I add an additional bot on the same location but different settings? my idea is around the concept of minions and boss bots


2. is it possible to make bots that come from a source and fight each other like in a war? think dota / ml where there are bots armies


thank you!

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You can place custom profiles wherever you like so, yes, you can have multiple npcs in the same location with different settings.

It's possible to have npcs from different profiles fight each other although there's one combination that won't work - I can't quite remember.
Murderer V Scientist will work.
Out of murderer v murderer and scientist v scientist, one of those combinations works and the other doesn't - I can't recall which way around it is.
You'll have to set `Attacks_Other_Profiles` to true for the two profiles, and put them close enough to each other that they'll cross paths.

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thank you i'll try this out.


for the same location settings -- i tried and it created a custom xyz tagging. is that okey? would it be possible to just specify a monument (so monument NPC) so i dont need to reconfigure per wipe? 



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BotSpawn provides one profile per monument but you can have additional ones by creating custom profiles, using the chat commands,
then adding the name of the parent monument, the monument this profile should always be near, in the custom profiles data file.


Parent Monument name should be copied verbatim from the default profiles datafile so, for example,
Parent_Monument:"The Dome 0",

This means if the Dome moves (new map) the custom spawn points you added in this custom profile will also move, maintaining position relative to the Dome.

You can also use Parent_Monument without custom spawnpoints - That just means BotSpawn will randomly pick spanwpoints but your custom profile will still always relocate to be in the same place, relative to the Dome.


Note - Adding or changing 'Parent_Monument' will wipe any existing custom spawn points for that profile.
Set Parent_Monument for you custom profile then reload BotSpawn, before adding custom spawn points to it.

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i'll try this out thank you! BTW, i think it would be great for you to make like a package of configuration similar to npcraidable bases you can make it paid to help on your projects. it will also help illustrate how far your plugin can go interms of use cases 

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